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hand look at the science and procedures of police work

Sullivan Elementary students get a first hand look at the science and procedures of police workBy Scott Stafford10/28/2014 12:43:46 AM EDTSeventh grade students at "Anadrol 50" Sullivan School in North Adams listen to North Adams Police Officer Tony Beverly on Monday talk about the armored truck used by the county's Special Response Unit. (Scott Stafford The Berkshire Eagle)

NORTH ADAMS When science teacher Jim Holmes headed Anadrol Keifei to work at Sullivan Elementary School Monday morning, he knew that he would be the victim of a "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" "kidnapping" later that day.

He had planned it for some time, along with the cooperation of the North Adams Police Department, as part of his lesson plan for an after school seventh grade course in forensics.

But for the 15 students, this was an opportunity to watch a scenario that requires focused, fast and professional response from law enforcement.

They also got to talk one on one with police officers and sit inside an armored response vehicle used by the county Special Response Unit.

"We try to get the kids involved in all these interactive activities," Holmes said before the re enactment. "These are branches of science the kids will never be exposed to. And the North Adams Police Department has been invaluable they do everything for us."

So after the buses left to bring the younger students home, Holmes "Anaboliset Aineet" stood in the parking lot near the woods talking about their experiences with examining evidence. Meanwhile, North Adams Police Lt.

After a few minutes, Officer Greg Onorato arrived with lights flashing and sirens blazing.

Using his patrol unit for cover, Onorato also tried negotiating with the suspect, to no "Anaboliset Aineet" avail, until the tactical unit Anadrol 18 Years Old arrived in an armored car piloted by Officer Tony Beverly.

Using the public address system from inside the truck, Beverly informed the suspect that he was surrounded by snipers, and to throw down his weapon.

Sacco dropped the wooden gun and Onorato handcuffed him and stuffed him into the truck.

That was the end of the depiction, but not the end of Anavar Zmrc the lesson.

Afterward, the students sat inside the armored truck while Beverly and Onorato spoke with them about specialized response, weaponry use, and the capabilities of the truck.

"I could sit in here all day with people shooting at me and not worry about it," he said.

As part of the forensics class, Holmes noted, they cover Internet crime, OUI violations, the dangers of drugs, accident reconstruction and usually get a visit from a Berkshire County assistant district attorney to talk about evidence and prosecution.

From left, North Adams Police Officer Greg Onorato, Lt. David Sacco, and Officer Tony "buy cheap jintropin online" Beverly run through a drill on Monday in which Sacco plays a kidnapper and is taken into custody at Sullivan Elementary School as part of a seventh grade forensics course. (Scott Stafford The Berkshire Eagle)

"We try to make is as realistic as possible," Holmes said. "And it shows the police in a positive light. I want them to know that if something happens, the police are here to help them."